The Keeping Adults Safe in Shropshire Board brings together representatives of each of the main organisations responsible for helping and protecting adults with care and support needs; who are at risk of or experiencing abuse or neglect. Our vision is that Shropshire is a place where adults with care and support needs as well as children live a life free from abuse or neglect. We work together to make sure that everyone in the partnership is working towards this vision and are working with adults at risk to help prevent and protect them from being abused.

The Board has an Independent Chair (Ivan Powell) who makes sure that the vision, aims, objectives and functions of the Keeping Adults Safe in Shropshire Board are carried out and to hold all agencies to account. The Board is also supported by a Safeguarding Boards Business Unit, which it shared with the Shropshire Safeguarding Children’s Board. The Board Business Unit Manager is Sam Anderson.

Our Board Constitution (attached to this page) explains in more detail who we are, what we do and how we work.  

The Board is also required to publish a Strategic Plan of what we are going to do for the next year and an Annual Report outlining what is has done in the previous financial year. You can also access these from this page.

For general enquiries to the KASiSB, please contact:

01743 257796 or email

Please note: KASiSB does not deal with immediate adult safeguarding concerns or operational day to day management of safeguarding. If you have a safeguarding concern please click on the ‘Report a concern’ button below and/or speak to individual organisations.