For Information Regarding Safeguarding Issues and Responses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What is Terrorism?

Terrorism involves committing violent acts for political, religious or ideological reasons.

The acts can be committed as part of an organised group or alone, however it is usually categorised as a group phenomenon.

In the build up to committing these violent acts, people are usually radicalised. Radicalisation is the action or process of causing someone to adopt radical positions on political or social issues.

Vulnerable people, including children, young people and adults with care and support needs, can be exploited by people who seek to involve them in terrorism or activity in support of terrorism.

There is a multi-agency approach, called ‘Channel’, which looks at referrals of people at risk of being drawn into terrorism and decides whether, or not, action needs to be taken to support them to reduce the risk of radicalisation and violent extremism. The Channel process is designed to develop an appropriate support package to safeguard those at risk of being drawn into terrorism, based on an assessment of their vulnerability.

This approach works alongside the existing safeguarding processes to protect people at risk from radicalisation. If the person at risk of being drawn into terrorism is an adult with care and support needs, this should be considered as a safeguarding concern.

If you are a professional or volunteer working with a person who is at risk of being drawn into terrorism and want to know how to refer to the Channel Process, please discuss with your Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Please also refer to our Safeguarding Process in Shropshire on our Multi-Agency Procedures pages before raising a safeguarding concern.

If you are the person who is concerned that you are being drawn into terrorism; a family member or carer or a concerned member of the public, please click the “Report a Concern” button at the bottom of this page.

For more information and resources on safeguarding adults from terrorism, please refer to the related links and documents on this page.