We're currently involved in a very exciting project working with people who have care and support needs to develop a resource for professionals that will help them involve people more when they're undertaking a safeguarding enquiry.

The aim of a safeguarding enquiry is for it to explain to the person affected:

  • What has happened to them
  • How they want to be kept safe
  • What will happen to a person or organisation that has abused them and
  • How they're going to be helped to recover from what has happened

The resource will be a pack of cards that professionals can select from depending on the situation the person is in. The cards will provide helpful reminders for making sure they involve the person affected including:

  • Think conversation not interview
  • Start every section with the person’s view

The cards will also provide helpful questions to ask people including:

  • Have I told you everything you need to know?
  • What can you do to make yourself safe?
  • Who and what else will make you safe?
  • Are there any new skills you'd like to learn that will help you keep safe? (eg learning about scams, self defence classes)
  • Is there anything else that would help you understand what’s happened?
  • Do you want anyone to apologise and how? (eg face to face, in writing)
  • Would you like your money or belongings back? How could you/we make this happen?

We're very grateful to everyone who has helped us with this work so far, so watch this space for the finished result!