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15th-21st November 2021 is National Safeguarding Adult’s Week


What is National Safeguarding Adults Week?

National Safeguarding Adults Week is an annual event led by the Ann Craft Trust to promote the importance of safeguarding the health, well-being and safety of adults, particularly those who have needs for care and support.


The theme for this year is “Creating Safer Cultures”.


The Shropshire Safeguarding Community Partnership would like you to take the opportunity this week to ask how can we create a safer culture in our organisations so that we can:


  • Take steps to prevent the risk of harm to and promote the health, wellbeing and safety of adults that you are working with.
  • Know how to identify and respond when an adult is at risk of harm as a result of abuse or neglect.


How can we create safer cultures?

The Ann Craft Trust  suggests considering the following in developing safer cultures:

  • Listen: creating an environment of actively listening to each other and the adults and families that we work with so that we ensure we are working to the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal.

To remind yourself about:


Encourage adults, their families, carers and communities to talk to someone sooner rather than later when they are concerned about an adult, particularly those with needs for care and support. Print off or share and promote the display of the Keeping Adults Safe in Shropshire Adult Safeguarding Posters


  • Lead: Take responsibility for maintaining our understanding of how to prevent and respond to the risk of harm to adults cause by abuse or neglect; and promoting and sharing this throughout our organisations and to partners in partner agencies.

We can do this by:

  • making sure we know, understand, use and promote policies and procedures in place to prevent and protect adults from the risk of harm caused by abuse or neglect. Access Shropshire’s multi-agency procedures and guidance page for more information. 
  • Making time for our own and ensuring (where we manage/supervise others) that we give staff and volunteers the time and space to keep up to date with and embed learning from safeguarding training and good practice guidance and publications. Have a look at Shropshire Safeguarding Community Partnership’s Learning and Development Strategy and the Keeping Adults Safe in Shropshire Learning Resources  and Newsletters webpages.


  • Learn: Reflect on your own and others’ practice to learn from “near misses” where serious harm to an adult could have occurred or when the worst happens and an adult experiences serious abuse or neglect or dies as a result of abuse or neglect.

Once any immediate adult safeguarding concerns are addressed; make sure you seek management/senior leadership support and take time with the adult and their family (where possible) and other involved colleagues/agencies to reflect on what could have been done differently. Where serious harm has occurred; consider whether formal serious incident notification and/or learning review processes need to be initiated to provide an opportunity to learn from and improve on systems and practice in the future.


Support Safeguarding Adults Week

  • Act to ensure that you are working in a way which promotes safer cultures in your organisation.
  • Reflect: watch a webinar from our Adult Safeguarding Webinars Library  and consider what specific actions you can take to improve your practice or support improvement in your organisation/across the Partnership.
  • Reflect: attend a webinar during the week. Consider what specific actions you can take to improve your practice or support improvement in your organisation/across the Partnership.
  • Share this Newsletter and/or the links/messages in it within your organisation, or create your own, to raise awareness of adult safeguarding issues.
  • Use the hashtag #SafeguardingAdultsWeek on social media to tell the online community about your safeguarding initiatives.